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Red and White Heart POP Me Balloon in a box
Item POPMeredhearts

Looking for a gift but not sure what to send? let us deliver a moment in time, a surprise split second that creates a lasting memory.

Our beautifully presented box is delivered wrapped in thick white satin ribbon. An envelope is placed on the outside of the box with a pin and instructions that read "You'll need this to reveal your surprise"

Upon opening the box, a large black balloon floats up out of the box and stops short anchored to a weight. A note sits underneath that reads 'Pop Me'

When the receiver pops the balloon, 10 little 5" sized balloons and confetti bursts out, themed to the occasion.

Balloons: 1 x 17" round latex balloon (helium inflated),  10 x 5" latex balloons (air inflated)
Size: Box 490 x 490 x 420mm
Float Time: 1 day

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