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James the Giraffe - Uninflated

Item WP20212

James the Giraffe will happily stick his neck out for anyone.  A hardworking giraffe, he unwinds by playing soccer, reading Jack Reacher novels and eating lots of yummy foods (especially desserts). You can definitely tempt him away from his work with a good sticky date pudding! 

These loveable walking pet balloons are a hit for all ages! Inflated with helium, they float above the ground but are weighted down by its cute little feet. A ribbon is attached to each balloon so you can walk with them or have it tied to the base of your arrangement.

This product is sold un-inflated, it does not include helium or ribbon. To order helium inflated balloons click here

Balloon Type: Microfoil
Size: 76cm x 28cm



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