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6 important tips for your first cosplay

Do you feel like doing cosplay but don't know where to start? This is actually quite common. On the internet, you can see very realistic costumes and impressive overproduction, however, it is not as difficult as it sounds. However you have to prepare yourself for specific equipment. For example, if you want to dive into the world of Star Wars, it would be better if you click to get a little idea of how much minimum budget you have to prepare to get a perfect appearance. Online stores have helped every cosplayer, both beginners and experienced.

To prove this, today we have brought some important tips for anyone who wants to do the first cosplay. Look at these following tips!

1. Choose a character that has something to do with you

Choosing a character is the first step, but it must be done carefully. Don't choose characters just because they are successful or because they are easier. Choose one that you really like and that has something to do with your personality. Cosplay is not just about wearing costumes, but actually entering into character, feelings and behavior like him. You can also use creativity and make some changes, such as character versions of women or men. Never choose a character that doesn't suit your personality otherwise you will mess things up. No matter how good you hide it, inappropriate characters will be seen by anyone.

2. Research the character

After choosing, look for a little about who you will emulate. Some of them experienced changes not only in clothing but also in behavior for years. So if you are going to interpret it, pay attention to the details and analyze the story. If necessary, choose the stage in the character's life and focus on it.

3. First makeup test

Nowadays, it is possible to find cheap makeup with good quality, but some characters eventually demand a little more work in this field, because it might be difficult to find colors or even materials for the texture you need. Some even need other ingredients such as special body paint. So there's nothing left for the last minute. Use the internet to find brands and websites to buy what you need. So you can even save money. Then, just make a makeup test at home to see how long it will last until you need to tidy it up and also to check whether the final results will be as expected.

4. Evaluate how much you can spend on your first cosplay

It's okay that some people can spend a lot on cosplay, but that's not a reality for everyone. Have a spending limit, then just collect your character in this limit so you won't get a surprise later. There are some clothes that can be bought ready, but the tip to save is buying your own cloth and sewing it. If you don't have such skills, look for someone who does this kind of work - in this case, you can also ask someone to do cosplay.

5. Don't Forget Comfort

Cosplay shows usually last several hours and you should consider this when building your character. Clothing that is too hot or tight can be very uncomfortable and heavy accessories. So, even though aesthetics are important, so you can enjoy as much as possible, all of your cosplay must be comfortable. This is not always possible because some characters require you to sacrifice comfort to achieve better results. However, do your best to be as uncomfortable as you can.

6. Be careful with transporting clothes and accessories.

You plan all your cosplay, keep it the way you want it. Not during the trip to the event that you will bring, right? Check beforehand how you will get to that place and how you can safely carry accessories. Also carry emergency supplies with needles and sewing lines, make-up, body paint , adhesive tape and anything else you need to fix possible damage to your first cosplay during the event.

How about you? Have you done cosplay? Do you dare to do it after reading the article? Tell us your ideas. And...thank you for your time!

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