Washing Machine Reviews For 2018

Washing MachinesWashing machines are desirable appliances to have in the home, because of the convenience of doing laundry at any time in your own laundry room … which, of course, will disappoint the procrastinator in you.

Keep in mind you’ll have to pay several hundred dollars or more for that convenience or for one of the best washing machines in 2018. And even though it may seem like most washing machines are basically the same, it’s simply not the case. The more you know about each individual feature of a washer, the better choice you’ll be able to make. Read through our washing machines reviews to help you spend your money as wisely as possible.

What Are Washing Machines?

A washing machine is an appliance used to clean clothing, towels, and bedding. The machine will power its motor from electricity or natural gas. You’ll place the items to be washed into the washing tub, where water and detergent will mix with the items.

Washing machines have two primary tub designs today. A front load washer (best front load washing machine)uses gravity and the rotation of the cylindrical tub to agitate the clothing, which forces water and detergent into the weave of the fabric. A top load washer uses a vertical agitator cylinder with fins to move the clothing around inside the tub, forcing water and detergent inside the weave.

What Price Should You Expect To Pay For A Washing Machine?

Front load washers are considered more advanced types of machines, and you can expect to pay between $600 and $2,000 for a unit. A top load washer will cost between $300 and $1,200 per unit.

Some manufacturers will offer a discount when a washing machine and dryer are purchased together as a pair.

Which Are The Leading Washing Machine Brands?

Many companies manufacture washing machines, both front load and top load units, although front load units are more common. Brands such as Kenmore, Whirlpool, and Maytag washing machines may be well known, but other manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Bosch washing machines are of a high quality too.

 Washing Machine Basics
Washing Machine TypesFront load, Top load
Washing Machine Power OptionsElectricity, Natural gas
Washing Tub MaterialStainless steel, Ceramic
Tub Capacity Range2.5 to 5 cubic feet
Automatic DispensersYes, depending on model
Water Temperature ControlYes, depending on model
End of Cycle SignalYes, depending on model
Washing Machine Width Range27 to 30 inches
Washing Machine Height Range36 to 45 inches
Washing Machine Depth Range27 to 35 inches
Price Range for Front Load$600 to $2.000
Price Range for Top Load$300 to $1,200

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What Are The Key Washing Machine Features To Look For?

Tub capacity is one of the key features in the best washing machine 2018 list. The manufacturer lists the tub capacity in cubic feet in the machine's specifications. A large capacity tub of nearly 5 cubic feet may be able to handle 20-25 large towels in one load.

The other key factor is determining whether you want a top load or front load washer. The front load washer is more energy efficient and water efficient than a top load unit, while being more gentle with clothing.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Buying A Washing Machine?

Before you begin comparing washing machine prices, measure the space you have for a unit in your home, especially the width, as some homes have a particular space required for the washing machine to fit properly. And you also need to leave about 6 inches behind the machine for hoses and vents, so pay attention to the depth measurement of any washing machine you're considering. Some laundry rooms even require a stacked washer and dryer, so understand the available space you have before beginning to shop.