Office Chair Reviews

The best office chair will not only save your back, but could very well make you a more productive and happier person. After all, being comfortable is just half the battle when it comes to walking into the office every day. Look for an office chair that offers adjustable back support, can be height adjusted to match your desk, moveable arm rests, and a design that ergonomically sound. With all these at hand, you’ll enjoy sitting for much longer periods of time, or at the very least enjoy the time you have to sit and stand up feeling more refreshed.

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Key Features to Look For In An Office Chair

Make sure that the back of the chair can be adjusted, such that when you lean back there is enough give and also enough support. Too much give and you’ll eventually hurt your neck as you’ll compensate to look at the screen. Moreover, you want to be correctly positioned in proximity to your desk or work station.

A chair whose height can be adjusted is key. This allows you to sit at your desk and rest your arm in the correct position relative to you keyboard or laptop. Also seek out a chair with adjustable arms, as this will reduce tension and stress on your arms as you position them forward to your keyboard.

Some chairs offer an adjustable base, which allows you to move it forward or backwards and influence the hip point. This can help reduce pressure off your back and in turn will make your entire upper body feel more comfortable. It will also help support proper positioning of your hip flexors as well.