Laptops for College for 2018

Read our reviews of the best laptops for collegerunning Apple OS X or Windows, and then you’ll be able to easily determine which PC is the right machine for you or your student. The latest news, reviews, comparisons, specs, and buying advice on student laptops are here, on Gadget Review, including the latest top laptop reviews.

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There are almost 20 million college students in the US alone. So finding the top laptop as a student can mean the difference between collegiate success or not.

You or your college student will want a machine that allows them to maximize their potential at school, so it's important that you pick a laptopthat is right for their major.

Apple's Macbook and Macbook Air models are an excellent option for any college student, as they're light weight and powerful. Plus they can run Windows if needed. However, if you're looking for bang for buck, turn your attention to Windows specificmachines, which will offer comparable power for less money. Moreover, a duo, or 2-in-1 machine can be a great option, as they're powerful portable and offer a touchscreen. Microsoft's Surface machines, the Surface Pro or the Surface Book are great choices.