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Christmas in a Box
Item BBox_Christmas

Boxed Christmas Cheer! This gift is guaranteed to delivery a smile

This beautifully presented box is decorated with ribbon and 4 little balloons ontop. When the lid is opened a large printed 18" printed foil balloon floats out. 

Christmas Goodies include:

* 3 x Christmas Crackers
* 3 x Christmas Baubles / Ornament
* 4 x Candy Canes
*  1 x 18" Christmas foil balloon

The box is also filled with a bunch of little air inflated 5" balloons (not floating) and confetti that add bright colour and cheer. (Box dimensions:  38cm x 38cm x 38cm). Any additional balloons you select will be tied to the outside of the box.

note: The 18inch/45cm helium foil balloon is tied with a ribbon to the base of your box so it will not float too far

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